Thur 10 Nov 2022

Nova Opera: Live in Athens


Nova Opera: Live in Athens

NOVA OPERA is a group of young Ukrainian artists the aim of which is to search the new ways of developing the music theatre. It was founded by remarkable Ukrainian director Vlad Troitskyi in 2014 with the aim to create new synthetic genres and experiment with untypical music and stage performances. The musical language of the performances hasn’t got any aesthetic borders and freely unites avant-guard and rock, Gregorian choral and trip-hop, and new baroque and folk improvisations. The vocal-instrumental ensemble of NOVA OPERA investigates the possibilities of the human voice and uses non-academic methods of playing musical instruments such as prepared piano, bit-box, body percussion and so on. The use of achievements of traditional theatre is mixed with modern technologies: vj-ing and live-electronic music.

According to the Music Theatre NOW competition in 2018 opera-requiem “IYOV” became one of TOP-10 contemporary operas among 436 participants from 55 countries. It was performed in Paris (France), Copenhagen (Denmark), at The V Festival of Traditional and Avant-garde Music CODES (Lublin, Poland), The Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre, Musikverein (Vienna, Austria), May Opera Evenings Festival (Skopje, Macedonia), PROTOTYPE opera festival in New York and Operadagen Rotterdam, Akko Festival (Akko, Israel).

At the concert in the Romantso works by Serhii Vilka, Andrii Merkhel, Yana Shliabanska, and Zoltan Almashi will be presented.

Anna Kirsh (soprano)
Andrii Koshman (baritone)
Ruslan Kirsh (baritone)
Zhanna Marchinska (cello)
Andrii Nadolskyi (percussion)

In collaboration with:Φαίη Ψυχοπαιδοπούλου (piano)

More about NOVA OPERA here

In the second part of the evening, the "Electric Counterpoint" project will perform its impro debut.

Electric Counterpoint's prepared cello and asymmetrical percussion along with found sounds and field recordings create multilayered unpredictable dramaturgy with non-linear structure in a constant change between foreground and background, fragment and unity, precision and causal.

Zhanna Marchinska (cello)
Andrii Nadolskyi (percussion)
Andrii Sichkovskyi (electronics, sounds, noises)

ROMANTSO, Anaxagora 3-5, Athens
Thursday, November 10th, at 19:30
Entrance: 8€ presale | 10€ at the door
Viva tickets here.