Sat 14 March 2020

From Athens to Brussels with love

dj set

On Saturday March 14th, 8 Greek & Belgian DJs join their forces for the 4th From Athens to Brussels with love party. Our Belgian DJs are coming to Athens because they realise that they need light in the winter. For the first time they will play in Athens at Romantso & of course we love that.

In 2019, 3 parties "From Athens to Brussels with love" were organised in the heart of Brussels with Greek DJs but this time we switched! The DJs are taking over the basement of Romantso at 11PM, so please DANCE till you don't feel your body anymore, sweat like in an erotic dream & smile. Maybe you will find your lover for the rest of your life (that's what we hope)

This night is about a story: The one between two countries and their differences.

The music lovers are:

( BE

NOSEDRIP is pleased to come to play and to party with us in Athens for the first time;
he will make you dance like nobody.
We saw him a lot of times & we believe that Greek dancers will like him too.
He will play two hours to make you forget all your miseries and bad lovers.

Also records sleeves and self promo social media and stuff

Please check his sets on if you want to dream about him.

The pleasures of the night will be followed by:

Noff Weezy, GR 
Of course we can't do a party without her, we can say now that she is our resident, or maybe she doesn't want (we didn't ask her). We believe in Noff Weezy so much and we all know that one day she will play at Dekmantel festival. She is DRAMA sometimes for having strong passion for Belgian fricadelle (but she never tried it) & she's a "loyal" member of the FATBWL family, always willing to make sacrifices if necessary.

Sixsixsixties, BE 
For the second time playing in the basement of Romantso, this man doesn't mind to surprise an unsuspecting raver. From 90s disco tunes to sweaty tracks... There is only one step in-between: DANCE.
He's also behind SPEK's parties:
monthly-not so monthly
gay dance party
freak by nature - no compromises full body contact

K.atou, GR 
She's a pole dancer, she likes Belgian beers & she came in Belgium to visit Bruges & Antwerp. She has already played several times in America & she's cool.

Fais Le Beau, BE 
He's a hairdresser during the week having sensibilities with music & funny IG stories, he's one of the happy dads behind the Gay Haze parties in Brussels.

Outermost, GR 
Templeyard Studios, Unix Systems, Outermost, Tripolar Celll & K100 Signal, all those names are behind one single guy: Miltiades.
This night he will play as Outermost & not because he likes to be outside. We saw him many times in Athens last year and he's one of the best.

Disconsole, BE 
Diego is a Belgian copy-writer living in Paris, he is coming for the first time in Athens & he loves Déborah Friandise because they have a big connection for nightlife and parties.
We like him too 'cause of his special taste of Italo/disco music.

Bora Bora, BE-GR 
She's the girl who reunited all these music lovers. She likes dancing a lot, speaking on microphone for her Extas.ia radio show and also likes old Greek people & the Yiayia dresses.

From Athens to Brussels with love
are events to promote Belgian/Greek artists from both countries.

These two countries have an opposite clubbing scene: people don't party the same way and DJ's play different music. From Athens to Brussels with love, imagines itself as a romantic federator, thus mixing, like sound alchemists, culture clubs. Distilling an extraordinary atmosphere, a colossal marriage of the chic Byzantine Empire and the sexy Gaule. Inviting DJs from both countries to perform in Brussels and then later go, turn tables on our backs, to Athens to repeat the magic experience.

Check our FB page ---> From Athens to Brussels with love

All the DJs are playing for almost no benefits so please respect the music they propose, be open-minded, listen to their sets
just DANCE.

We believe in DANCERS
We believe in LOVE
We believe in MUSIC

Thanks to everyone playing, sharing, smiling, dancing & putting energy in this event 
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Party price:
5€ < 01:00
8€ > 01:00

open at 11 PM & till 8 AM for the party animals like we are.