Sat 23 March 2024




Romantso is hosting the first edition of Improbable Fest, a musical come together centred around improvisation.

On Saturday March 23rd, four musical acts with four improvised sets mixing ambient, drone, groove, noise, rock, jazz and dance will attempt to convey a part of the city’s improv scene.

Line up:

21.00 - SMOOP
- Nicky Kokkoli, sax
- Marios Valinakis, sax
- Jannis Anastasakis, guitar, musical saw, live-electronics
- Simos Riniotis, drums

22.00 - Gnÿ Putcshişka
- Nickolas Wastor, keyboards, electronics
- Jason Wastor, drums

23.00 - Λoukia
- Dimitris Foken, guitar, violin, fx
- Iasonas Oikonomou, bass, fx
- Dimitris Oikonomou, drums

00.00 - PERΞ
- Jeph Vanger, drum machine, electronics
- Jannis Anastasakis, analog synths, fx
- special guests: Nicky Kokkoli, sax / Natalia Manta, live-visuals

Simos Riniotis will MC throughout the night with improvised stand up comedy bits in between the sets

SMOOP was created in February 2024 in Portugal by Jannis Anastasakis, Nicky Kokkoli, Simos Riniotis and José Lencastre. The quartet completed its first European tour playing in Lisbon, Porto and Parede. The recording of their first album took place in Athens, Greece and on the 23th of March they will perform their music live on the stage of Romatso, as part of the Improbable Music Festival, with the participation of Marios Valinakis on saxophone.

Λoukia is a free improv / experimental, homemade trio (bass, drums, violin/guitar and effects) playing non-predetermined structures, exploring sounds between and in the collective dynamics. Each performance aims to be completely different from the previous one while trying to maintain and expand each member's music vocabulary. Λοukia is also the name of the dog that runs the behind the scenes stuff. She's always watching.
Dimitris Foken - Violin, Guitar, FX
Iasonas Oikonomou - Bass, FX
Dimitris Oikonomou - Drums

PΕRΞ (PERKXX) is the new music duo project of the Athens-based musicians Jannis Anastasakis and Jeph Vanger. Armed with analog electronics and drum machines as their primary tools, they sculpt a sonic experience that defies convention, blending noise, rhythm, and distortion. Their live performances are a fusion of hypnotic repetition and pulsating low frequencies, enveloping audiences in a whirlwind of raw energy.

Special guests: Nicky Kokkoli, sax / Natalia Manta, live-visuals

ROMANTSO, Anaxagora 3-5, Athens
Saturday 23 March
Doors: 21:00
Entrance: 10€ and on the door 
Facebook event here.