Fri 10 March 2023

From Athens to Brussels with love presents: THE CATHARSIS SYMPHONY

concert / music

On the 10th of March, From Athens to Brussels with love is happy to invite our fav “urban survival tool” in Athens city for a night shift in our infernal Romantso's basement: DJ LOSER*

Like an interaction to maintain the harmony of the universe Dj Loser’s music is like the Yin & the Yang; a masculine faster beats with feminine finesse details.An experience that cleanses you from your burdens and demons and everyday life and leaves you feeling liberated light and renewed.


00:00-01:30 Bora Bora *BE/GR
A lithium trip to warm you up
01:30-03:30 DJ LOSER *GR
A catharsis journey through the infernal basement
03:30-04:30 Nicol Bolas (live set) *FR
Me & you having sex in a cold corridor
04:30-06:00 Miss Trouli *GR
The end of the catharsis

DJ LOSER: Thessaloniki based DJ & Producer,Creator of Magdalena’s Apathy is one of the pioneers of the post internet trance revival, with acts that are focused on a variety of contemporary sounds which go beyond genre limitations creating a new logic.


Friday March 10th
00:00 - 06:00
Romantso, Anaxagora 3-5
Athens, 105 52
Design by Pam&Jenny
Facebook event here.

8 euros presale | 10 euros on the spot


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