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    The BIOS Romantso Incubator is a platform that welcomes, establishes and professionally activates young creatives within the broader landscape of the arts.

    Based in the historic building of Romantso magazine in the center of Athens, new business creative teams, with artistic, educational and new technology focus, are hosted in studios – work spaces and operate in the building. In addition, Romantso hosts exhibitions, concerts, performances, collective actions, workshops and seminars.

    The incubator also provides premises to new creatives, but also offers a wide range of services and advisory activity, vital for the start of every new entrepreneurial activity. The main goal looks toward the successful new business development aiming toward independence from the incubator and establishing them as viable businesses.

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    The BIOS Romantso incubator rents out cost friendly studios to new businesses, inclusive of a plethora of facilities and services.

    The studios are equipped with or provide:
    - Individual air-conditioning units per studio
    - Central telephone network
    - Central wireless network
    - Central wired network per studio
    - Use of the incubator’s photocopy and bookbinding machinery
    - Central water supply
    - Electricity
    - WC and showers on each floor
    - Building infrastructure maintenance

    The new businesses have the choice to rent independent private work spaces or to share space (co-renting) as long as their line of work allows it.

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    The young artists established within a BIOS Romantso incubator have the opportunity to make use of the building infrastructure for their needs and business promotion, inclusive of exhibition halls, laboratories and common areas.

    The facilities provided to the young creatives are:
    - 1 exhibition and multiple use space
    - 1 photography studio
    - 1 meeting room

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    The BIOS Romantso incubator supports the efforts of young creatives at the onstart of their career in multiple ways, depending on the sector, providing a wide range of services and consultation.

    A knowledgeable and experienced team are permanently available to new businesses provide:
    - A reception service
    - A secretarial service
    - A Press Office which communicates New Business activations and in particular promotes their organized events and presentations to the general public
    - Central Security
    - Cleaning of common spaces

    The incubator also offers specialized consulting services oriented the new business development and evolution:
    - New technology adoption services
    - Funding source access services
    - Training services

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    Four times a year, the new businesses housed in the incubator open their office doors to the public, giving the latter the opportunity to view the work of the members up close, but also the overall activities and operations of the incubator. The Open Studio actions are an important and integral part of the promotional platform of the incubator members’ work, constituting an organized opportunity for exposure to a wider audience.

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